Install Devstack with Sahara

From Yue Zhang, June 2015

First of all, we should install devstack on a clean Ubuntu 12.04 on Single Machine (Physical Machine/VM). Installing devstack on a physical machine may destroy the whole system, you should be aware of it.

System Requirements

  • Processor - at least 2 cores
  • Memory - at least 8GB
  • Hard Drive - at least 60GB
sudo apt-get install git -y || sudo yum install -y git
git clone
cd devstack

Configuration File

A local.conf file should be include into the devstack folder.


Enable Swift

enable_service s-proxy s-object s-container s-account

Force checkout prerequisites


Keystone is now configured by default to use PKI as the token format which produces huge tokens. Set UUID as keystone token format which is much shorter and easier to work with.


Change the FLOATING_RANGE to whatever IPs VM is working in.

In NAT mode it is subnet VMware Fusion provides, in bridged mode it is your local network. But only use the top end of the network by using a /27 and starting at the 224 octet.

Change the HOST_IP to your localhost or the IP of your VM

Enable logging


Set OFFLINE to True to configure to run cleanly without Internet access. must have been previously run with Internet access to install prerequisites and fetch repositories.


Enable Sahara

enable_plugin sahara git://
enable_plugin sahara-dashboard git://

Install the devstack, Recover the Control Screen, Reload the devstack

To install the devstack, after creating the local.conf in the devstack folder, use the command.


If you restart the VM, you could re-join the devstack by

	./ # feature removed March 2016

If you want to change the configuation file or restart the devstack, use these commands.