Benchmarking OpenStack with Rally

Rally is an simple and useful tool for benchmarking Openstack. This tutorial will guide you through setting up Rally as well as the basics of using it. This tutorial works in a VM running Devstack.

More information can be found at


Run the Rally installation script (in home directory):

curl | bash

Rally will be installed in a virtualenv inside ~/rally

Using Rally

I’d recommend running Rally inside a Screen


Activate Rally

. ~/admin
. ~/rally/bin/activate
. ~/devstack/openrc admin admin

Create/use Rally deployment. If you haven’t created a deployment yet or want to create a new one:

rally deployment create --fromenv --name=<name-you-choose>

If you want to use an old deployment:

rally deployment list
rally deployment use <uuid-of-deployment-you-want-to-use-from-the-list>

Run benchmarks. Rally benchmarks are highly configurable, and are either in the json or yaml format.

You can take a look at the sample benchmarks in ~/rally/samples/tasks/scenarios/* and in ~/rally/src/rally-jobs. As an example we will run a benchmark that creates and deletes cinder volumes.

rally task start ~/rally/samples/tasks/scenarios/cinder/create-and-delete-volume-type.yaml

Generate results page. You can generate an HTML results page like so:

rally task report --out=<choose-report-name>.html --open