Kaizen Production Backups

Foreman VM

Foreman VM is backed up nightly at 2:35am. The VM pauses for about 2 minutes during the backup cloning process.

The backups are located in /var/lib/libvirt/hn/backups/foreman-backups/ on the Haas Master.

The backup script is /root/scripts/VM_backup.sh on the Haas Master. There is also a copy in this repo: VM_backup.sh

It is run from a root cronjob which logs to /var/log/backups/foreman-backups.log.

The script deletes any backups that are over 7 days old, but it won’t delete them if they are in a state other than “shut off”.

Openstack MYSQL database

The Openstack MYSQL database is backed up nightly at 2:06 am. The database remains live while the backup is made, but the backup does not preserve any changes made after the process initiated.

Backups are located in /var/lib/backups/openstack_db/ on both the production controller (node 47) and the staging area controller (node 25).

The script is found at /var/lib/backups/scripts/openstack_db_bkp.sh on those nodes.
A copy is also in this repo: openstack_db_bkp.sh

Remote Backups to BU’s SCC Cluster

Kaizen Backups SCC Overview