Mail and Lists

General info and FAQ on using mail and lists @

To view lists and subscribe/unsubscribe visit read the instructions provided by Mailman.

I lost my email communication from mailman, how can I retrieve my password?

Follow instruction on this html page. On the html page, there is a mentioning of http://WEBSERVER/mailman/listinfo/LISTNAME For the MOC:

  • LISTNAME is the name of a MOC mailman email list.

For example, if you want to retrieve your password credential for the “bmi” mailing list, the link you want to go to is

Full MOC mailing list is here.

How does email box on work ?

Once your account is created visit login with your initial password. Username is only username, not email address.

Then visit Settings -> Identity to set display name ( this applies only when using the roundcube web client ), Settings -> Password to change password.

Mailbox can also be accessed using any desktop email client. Inbound and outgoing server is the same - Inbound protocol is IMAP over SSL, port 993. Outgoing protocol SMTP over SSL, port 465.

Microsoft Outlook can also use active sync type of mail server - settings are detected automatically (if not - mail server is, username only), and display name will be set automatically

For mobile devices use Exchange/Active sync type of email. In that case only information needed is the email address and password. All settings are configured automatically - tested on iphones.