Kaizen Bare Metal

We have a variety of baremetal servers available to be leased.

  • Cisco servers with 12 cores/24 threads (intel sandybridge) and 128 GB RAM each.
  • Dell servers with 16 cores/32 threads (intel sandybridge) and 128 GB RAM.
  • Few Lenovo servers with similar configuration.

Please email kaizenbm@lists.massopen.cloud if you wish to schedule nodes for a longer duration. Open a ticket at osticket.massopen.cloud for any questions/clarifications.

SSH to kaizen machines.

ssh username@kaizenbm.massopen.cloud

How to provision nodes using HIL and BMI

  1. See a list of free nodes
hil node list free
  1. Add nodes to your project from the free pool.
hil project node add <project> <node>

Repeat this command to add more nodes to your project.

  1. Enable OBM on your nodes so you can power cycle, power off, or view node’s serial console.
hil node obm enable <node>
  1. Connect the node the BMI provisioning network.
hil node network connect <node> nic1 bmi-pro vlan/native
  1. See list of images available in BMI.
bmi ls <project>
  1. Now provision the node using BMI
bmi pro <project> <node> <image> nic1
  1. Power cycle the node and wait for 3-4 minutes
hil node power cycle <node>
  1. SSH to the node from the kzn-bmi host, or from your local machine if you have VPN access.

for a node named neu-X-Y the IP wil be 10.255.X.Y

ssh 10.255.X.Y -l root
  1. Put your ssh key and disable password login over ssh.

How to deprovision a node and return it to free pool.

Fast method:

  1. Pass the force flag to the project node remove command. This will automatically remove all networks, power off the node, disable obm and remove the node from the project.
hil project node remove <project> <node> --force

Slow method:

  1. Power off the node
hil node power off <node>
  1. Deprovision the nodes using BMI.
bmi dpro <project> <node> <nic>

This command is destructive and will delete your image.

  1. Remove the bmi provisioning network (and any other networks).
hil node network detach <node> nic1 bmi-pro
  1. Disable OBM
hil node obm disable <node>
  1. Remove node from your project
hil project node remove <project> <node>

Important notes

  • Each node has 2 nics labelled nic1 and nic2.
  • Currently the nodes don’t have a lease time, but a leasing system will be added soon.
  • For provisioning, we connect nic1 to the bmi provisioning network natively using HIL.
  • If you require a public IP address for your node, open a ticket at osticket.massopen.cloud

Using HIL from your local machine

If you have pip (or in python virutalenv), run

pip install git+https://github.com/cci-moc/hil
export HIL_ENPOINT=https://kzn-hil.massopen.cloud

Export your HIL credentials that an admin should have given you. In bash, do this

export HIL_USERNAME=username
export HIL_PASSWORD=password

You could put these in your bashrc so they are automatically in your environment when you login (you could figure out it’s equivalent if you are using a different shell).

More HIL commands

  • hil project node list <project-name> This will list all the nodes that are currently added to your project.
  • hil node list free will list all nodes that are available.
  • hil project node add <project-name> <node-name>. This will add the node to your project.
  • hil project node remove <project-name> <node-name>. This will remove the node from your project. Before running this command, make sure that you remove all networks first and disable OBM.
  • hil node show <node-name> This will show you the information about your node.
  • hil node network connect <node-name> <nic-name> <network-name> <channel> to connect your node’s nic to a network. Channel could either be vlan/native or vlan/<vlan-id>.
  • to find the vlan-id of a network, run hil network show <network-name>
  • hil node network detach <node-name> <nic-name> <network-name> this will remove from your node’s nic.
  • hil node nic revert <node-name> <nic-name> will remove all networks from a nic, if any.
  • hil node obm enable <node-name> to enable OBM which lets your perform all power commands, and view console.
  • hil node obm disable <node-name> to disable OBM.
  • hil node power cycle <node-name>. to power cycle a node.
  • hil node power off <node-name>. to power off a node.

For more information about HIL, checkout the HIL Repo

More BMI Commands

To snapshot your node, run

bmi snap create <project> <node> <snapname>

You can now provision more nodes from this snapshot. Just provide the as the image name