We’re running four VMs on death-star, using virt-manager: moc-dhcp, moc-nfs, moc-nova and moc-gateway. All are set to autostart. All machines used bridged networking, on one or both of the two bridged networks on death-star.

  • br0 bridges to eth0 (the internal network). death-star has two static IPs here: and
  • br1 bridges to eth1 (BU’s network). death-star has a static IP here as well:

To connect a machine to one or both networks, add a NIC to them, and “specify shared device name” as either br0 or br1.

These three machines are all clones of ubuntu-base, and I recommend that any future required machines also be clones. (Please never actually boot ubuntu-base: we want it to be in a consistent state for cloning.)

There is one more VM, moc-test-machine. It’s set up to PXE boot, to check that our boot VMs are in a sane state.


Can access or start machines on Deathstar through File>Add Connection